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At SEINAN, we have built our foundation on sound judgment, experience, ethics and tradition.

Our Strength

Our diversification in various business segments and maintaining core structures such as logistics gives us control over time.

Our People

At SEINAN, we believe in investing in our people and their families.

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SEINAN Group, opening doors and business avenues for brands from all over the world.

Mr. Sandhar started his company in 1988 called “EKOM” which literally translates to “GOD IS ONE” in Japanese; a play on words evoking Japanese cultural ideology for “WORK IS GOD”. EKOM started as a garments manufacturing company with its production hub based in India. At a time when fashion was synonymous with places like Milan, Paris and New York; Mr. Sandhar’s uncanny sales pitch of designed in Japan and produced in India secured his first Japanese client, thus laying the foundations of SEINAN.

In almost two decades SEINAN Group has diversified into 6 core business segmentations. From Industrial Goods supply to Importing Packed Food, Wine & Beer and Commodities to Designing and Manufacturing Apparels and owning and operating five Restaurants.


A 40 yrs old company - Moti Inc. is completely bought by SEINAN Group. In Tokyo, "Moti" is chain of eminent restaurants.

Opened Retail Shop of International Food in Roppongi, Minato-ku

Opened warehouse delivery center in Kasai, Edogawa-ku

Started Metal product business

Started Seinan Metal & Chemicals Co., ltd. Transfer metal business

Magic Masala Co., Ltd. re-branded to Terra Works Co., Ltd. & integration of existing garments division

Started importing Indian Wine, Beer & Foods


Opened Indian fastfood take-out outlet at Kinshicho-Sumida-ku

Opened Indian Restaurant Ghungroo at Shin-Urayasu, Chiba

Opened Indian fastfood take-out outlet in Kawasaki

EKOM & SEINAN merge for joint business dealing

Opened Indian Restaurant Ghungroo at Aoyama, Tokyo

Started SEINAN CO., LTD.

Opened Retail Shop for Indian Garments called "Kazana"

Started EKOM Inc. to deal with Imports

Seinan: We know you want it!

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. SEINAN aspires to bring out the best from its pool of talent and resources.
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