SEINAN Group has a long history of importing commodities from around the globe. Our extensive network of preferred vendors has undergone strict background checks on their establishment, product and quality control which ensures that we bring the best products. Product quality is our primary objective and no stones are left unturned in selecting the best.

Countries like India, USA, Canada, Columbia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Australia, are just to name a few, that specializes in select commodities have been brought closer to home.


Why choose Us?

Wheat & Wheat FlourTraditional Indian wheat flour

India has a long tradition of using wheat and wheat flour for millennia. It is natural that SEINAN Group has target the manufacturers from India in delivering organic wheat and flour that grows the best from the fertile land of the old country.

Effective Planning

NutsBest quality nuts from around the world

Vietnam, Africa and USA produces the best nuts. Manufacturers and packagers from the globe traverse these countries in sourcing the best nuts. Our affiliate factories and farms produces a variety of nuts that brings in natural sustenance for the body.

Why choose Us?

GrainsSourcing from the best regions

Canada, Australia and Myanmar have been sourced for grains. Though the countries are spread far apart and requires a technically challenged logistic network system, SEINAN Group spared no challenge in bringing natural and well-aged grains to the market.

Effective Planning

RiceHighest quality basmati rice

When it comes to rice only one country stands in the forefront, and that is India. Naturally, India is one of the largest exporters of Rice to the whole world and their special long gran basmati is filled with natural nourishment and aroma.

Why choose Us?

SugarNatural sugar from Indian and Columbia

Sugar canes from Columbia and India are widely known to provide the best quality of natural sugar. Our team has explored the farms that grows these sugar canes and their manufacturing process in providing clean and crisp sugar.

Indian Commodities

SpicesThe oldest commodity

Spices, once used as currency and barter trades, is one of the oldest commodity that has been traded since ancient times. We source spices from all over the world based on their regional importance, flavor, quality and more important of all their smell.

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