With over two decades in the business for Apparel, F&B, Industrial Goods and Commodities sales and trading; SEINAN Group has been at the forefront for customer satisfaction, loyalty and gratitude. A true testament to our strength in diversity and popularity, SEINAN Group has become a household name in Japan due to its immense network in getting the right products to the consumer at the right price, always.

Our Vision

Mr. S.J.B. Singh Sandhar(Raji), SEINAN Group President and Founder; believes in loyalty, credibility and value as the key ingredients to his business successes. In Japan, Work is God, a belief that has held strong roots in the foundation of SEINAN Group and for each personnel of the Group who believes that keeping work in the forefront and done right with integrity would benefit the customers at the end of the day. Customer satisfaction is key for any business, at SEINAN Group any work is done keeping the customer’s needs at the top of the priority list.


SEINAN Group always believes on maintaining a strong and efficient line of network around the world that would bring in the best of the region. Efficient coordination of logistics, procuring strength and time is always analyzed and improved on for one end result. To keep our customers happy with the best products and delivered at the best price and at the shortest time possible. A happy customer is a result of countless hours of hard work.

Our Mission

SEINAN Group aims to be the leading importer and distributor of quality F&B products in Japan and worldwide. Importing and trading of commodities to customer’s always on time and at the best price and diversity in sales of Industrial goods fulfills the goals set by our President and Founder.

President's Message

Seinan Co., Ltd. started as a dream that over the years has turned into reality gradually taking shape to become one of the larger corporate house with dynamic expansion and diversification program. Today, when I look back two decade of hard work and dedication by all of us. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment and even pride. To my mind, a group's stature is measured not only in terms of turnover but also in its ability to qualitatively improve the life of its people. In this respect, I think Seinan Company has contributed a great deal. The future is challenging and we are fully geared to meet the demands of tomorrow.

S.J.B. Singh Sandhar(Raji)

Company Overview

Name: Seinan Co., Ltd.
Principal Office: Seinan Bldg. 5-9-6 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Date of Established: November 1992
Capital: 10 Million yen

Fields of Business: Trading House, Wholesale, Manufacturer, Import & Export
Associated Companies: Terra Works Co., Ltd. | Seinan Metal & Chemicals Co., Ltd. | Moti Inc.

President: S.J.B. Singh Sandhar(Raji)
Director: Tomoko Takahashi


Events are a great way to showcase our diversity in products which have been hand-picked and selected by experts all around the world for its authenticity, strict production methods and their cultural impact of that region. Seinan Group organizes events to usher in a festive atmosphere, where the public can experience first-hand our world.
Events such as Namaste India, Sakura Festival and Terra Apparel Exhibition are some of the well knows events which has been organized by the Seinan Group in bringing together our products into an environment that could be experienced and appreciated by our clients.

Namaste India

Namaste India is one of the biggest Indian festivals which takes place in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park every year at the end of September. Indian restaurants, clothing brands and travel agencies take part to showcase their products.

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival takes place every year during spring season, famously know as Cherry blossom or Sakura in Japanese this event is organized with the cooperation and patronage of the Indian Embassy In Tokyo.

Terra Apparel Exhibition

The Terra Apparel Exhibition is an annual event, which brings in apparel that has been designed in Japan but manufactured in India to be showcased for distributors and retailers from all over Japan. This is one of the largest trade spot of its kind and is renowned to retailers for quality, value and diversity.