About Industrial Goods Supply

SEINAN Group has extensive reach through affiliate factories and suppliers from India, China and Canada for various steel materials and chemicals. Our hands on approach in partnering with manufacturers directly enables us to cater to the individual requirements of our clients. Our efficient network with reliable and fast logistical support aids in bringing these Industrial Goods to service the industry of our clients benefiting them both monetarily and shorter time.

The Supply Chain

SEINAN Group’s supply chain runs extensively in sourcing directly at the manufacturer’s level and our extensive and intricate logistics department ensures that the products reach their destination on time and every time. Industries rely on these raw materials of Industrial Chemicals and steel for their end product, at SEINAN Group we see this as the bloodline of a strong economy.

Industrial Supply


Steel comes in different grades of material, protection and composition. Inconel steel, for example, is one such material that is extremely protective and preferred for regions where there is high sulfur content to protect against corrosion and degradation. Whether the client is looking for thickness, length, or different material composition; our network of factories produces to the client’s exact specification which are tested for quality and composition as well as stress test for support features. Our ability to control the production makes us ideal for supplying quality industrial goods to our market.

Industrial Supply Seinan