About Fashion / Designer Apparel

The difference between mainstream fashion and designer apparel is that the latter always sets the fashion tone for the former. Designers are always looking for new themes and ideas which they combine with a color palette and create designs that reflects the region they are focusing on. SEINAN Group is proud to produce garments in India by sophisticated fashion designers based in Japan. Whether you are looking for formal wear, or a night out, we are there to dress you up.

Fabric selection and sewing
Fabric selection and sewing
Precise measurement and cutting
Precise measurement and cutting
Design and Manufacturing

SEINAN Group’s is at the forefront of apparel design and manufacturing division in Japan. Designed in Japan and manufactured in India, SEINAN Groups apparel division marries quality with price which brings variety and fashion for the price oriented and extremely fashion conscious consumers of today.

The Facility

A one stop facility for design, sourcing, manufacturing and inspection. SEINAN Group's apparel division provides a complete turn-key solution for retailers who need to execute apparel designs and sources based on the feedback from their individual clients.


Built with a passion to serve the market, SEINAN brings you latest trend in designer wear from the world of fashion.
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Factory Warehouse

The Quality Control

Our facility incorporates stringent quality control mechanisms on each fabric that goes into the creation of our designs. Controls such as visual inspection, washing resistance, sweat absorption, tensile strength, anti-slip resistance and many more are painstakingly conducted before it gets into the cutting, framing and finally being accepted into the manufacturing process.

This way, we control not only the design aspect of the apparel but more importantly its feel and longitivity and comfort. Quality control after the manufacturing on each item of clothing is done by our experts who checks the seams, the fittings and overall layout including print both visually and by tactile feel before it gets their approval for packaging.