About Imported Packed Food

Food is one of the most perishable items in the world today. With the world getting smaller because of extensive trade networks and faster shipping time, people from all over the world have quick and easy access to products from a distant continent. Packed food, which are essentially ready to eat, are pre-cooked meals and sealed to preserve its freshness and longitivity. One need to open the pack and microwave and enjoy an instant meal.

Flavours of the World in Japan

SEINAN Group sources only the best from the world and renowned food manufactures such as Nanak, Haldiram's, Maiyas, ITC, Kohinoor and Rajdhani, which are household names around the world in Indian cuisine which is a melting pot of a varied form of culinary preparations which are diverse in methods to ingredients as they are culturally. We aim on covering the different traditions in our extensive range of products around the world.

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Packed Food Brands Imported by Seinan